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The real childhood video

The real childhood video

Baby Documentary Film

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Do you remember how you felt when you about to see your baby?

Do you remember how nervous you were the first time you helped him/her to take a bath?

Do you remember how excited you were when your baby took the first step?


There are so many things that only happen once in your lifetime, baby's growing process is one of them.


Every new member's arrival is a unique experience to any family. Beside witnessing the growing of the little one, the bittersweet journey of becoming a parent is also a milestone of a couple. 

We want to capture every single moment that only happen once in your lifetime: from the excitement that you find out a baby is coming, the preparation that you do to welcome the baby, the changes on both mentally & physically during the pregnancy, the mixture feelings of nervous, struggle, excitement, touching on the day that baby arrives, to the exhaustion on the baby's first month, nevertheless the priceless smile on him/her, a feeling that words cannot describe and incomparable...