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Wedding is about love, it's about people: People that you miss, people that you love, people that give you blessings, people that proud of you. A million mixture of emotions come on in this day. All you need to do is feel and enjoy this special moment. We are here to capture every precious moment and every emotional feeling from not only you two, but also people around you.

Under our lenses, your smile & your tears will stay forever fresh. We want you to travel back in time to this day and have the same feeling again just like the movie "About Time" whenever you watch our video. 

Wedding film  - Stella & Martin
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Wedding film  - Stella & Martin
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Wedding Film - Wesley & Susanna
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Wedding Film - Katie & Johnny
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Wedding Film - Emily & Louis
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Wedding Film - Carmen & Sean
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Concept film is the most precious piece that you and your fiance would like to keep before you step into another stage of life. It can be in any format you like, whatever you want to present, we tailor made the one and only love story of you two. We love to make friends! We love to meet up the couple, have a coffee (or wine), talk about their love story (how they met, what do they do during holiday, loves & hates), and we may come up with an idea of the concept film just like that! 

It's a love story of you two. Let everyone knows it!

Let your wedding guests know what kind of a person your fiance is, let them know how blessing you both to have each other for the rest of the life. Let your children watch it and tell them this is how their parents met or why they got married. Let yourself watch it after 5, 8, 10 years, bring you and your partner back to the day where there's only love is around. Ignite the passion that always have inside you to your life long relationship!