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你好不好 - 周興哲 [VSing Cover 無伴奏Acappella HK]

你好不好 - 周興哲 [VSing Cover 無伴奏Acappella HK]

VSing Acappella cover - 你好不好 原唱:Eric周興哲 作詞:Eric周興哲/吳易緯 作曲:Eric周興哲 無伴奏合唱編曲: Anna @ VSing 混音及剪接: Sean M. Sinclair, Matt @ VSing 執行導演: Bosco@BOZZ ↓想聯絡我地 / 即時獲取我地嘅最新動向↓ Facebook 專頁 - VSing | Instagram - VSing 🇭🇰 | Youtube Channel - vsingofficial | Email | VSing(吾聲),香港新晉無伴奏合唱組合,六位成員皆為年輕人,VSing盼望能藉其特點為社區帶來充滿活力、具新鮮感的無伴奏音樂。 眾成員在音樂範疇上獨當一面,提供具質素的無伴奏音樂,在致力推廣無伴奏合唱,增加大眾對A Cappella 的認識同時,更希望在未來的日子當中,能夠尋求屬於自己的突破。 為強調無伴奏音樂當中只有人聲的特點與有趣之處,VSing取其中文名為「吾聲」,希望能發掘更多人聲的可能性。 VSing is an up-and-coming 6-member a cappella group based in Hong Kong. All rising musicians in their own rights, they aim to add a fresh and exciting new voice to the growing Hong Kong a cappella scene. They also hope to connect with the wider community with high quality a cappella music, and in promoting this burgeoning music genre to a wider audience, they hope to grow together as musicians and artists as well. To emphasize a cappella music's unique quality of using just the human voice, they have chosen “吾聲” as the Chinese name of the group, which means “our voices”. VSing very much looks forward to exploring and discovering new possibilities of the bare human voice, and they hope you will join them on this exciting journey.
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