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Frquently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the number of videographer?

The more videographer you have the more angle we can capture. We can focus on the couple as well as the guests' reaction during a wedding for example. Normally there are 2 videographers in a wedding, for larger scale of wedding, eg church ceremony or over 250 guests, we need 3+ videographers to make sure that everything will be covered. 


What does your package included?

Our wedding videography package includes a 1080p highlight video in our signature USB drive. Optional services includes Same Day Edit (SDE), full day documentary edit, drone filming and 4k resolution shooting. 


Is there a storyboard provide to the couple prior to the wedding?

No, we film your wedding based on what naturally happen on your wedding. 


Do you use flash for photographing? 

For weddings we prefer natural light, but use flashes when the natural light isn't adequate.


Can we order albums & prints photo from you?

Of course, we have our signature photo album available for an additional cost. 


What do you eat on wedding day?

We are flexible on crew meal. You can arrange the crew meal for us or we can order delivery (if the venue allowed) and claim it after. 


Where are you located? Can I book you for oversea wedding?

I am based in Hong Kong. I do take oversea wedding booking, in fact I love travel a lot. Travelling always bring me something new to my filming idea.

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Does your package include RAW footage?

YES! Tea ceremony, wedding receipt & Banquet part will be included in raw footage.

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How long will I get my photos or video?

Our lead time for wedding highlight video is 3 weeks after the wedding. For photos and documentary film is 3 months. 


Can I give comments after I receive the video? How many edit is allow?

All of the wedding videos are designed and edited in BOZZ Wedding style. But I welcome any comment after receiving the video, it is a memory of your own wedding afterall. If you have any preference (eg, background music), feel free to let me know.

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Can we meet before booking?

Yes! I would love to meet you and get to know more about your events and your needs and vice versa before booking with us. Communication is very important!

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What is the procedure of booking with you?

We will issue an invoice to you after confirming the package you need. A deposit of 50% of grand total is required in order to secure the date. We will open a whatsapp group with you for direct communication as well. 

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Tell us


8/F, Wellington Plaza

56-68 Wellington street


Hong Kong

Tel: 6770-9867 (Kean) (Wedding) (Commercial)

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